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kurds in syria will powers for protection is the united nations progress reports of hundreds of kurdish civilians massacred by al-qaeda linked rebel forces. while the cia warns the collapse of the assad government could make syria an al qaeda haven posing an even greater threat to u.s. national security. and no take to take out of washington for not wanting to build relations on an equal footing after president obama's decision to cancel a summit with. just
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after nine pm imo schools are. kurds in syria calling for international help to prevent a genocide against their people it follows reports of mass murders and abductions of civilians by rebel forces. the kurdish democratic union has officially turned to the international community asking them to pay close attention and to rescue them from the fighting that is happening in this region and essentially asking the likes of the un to save kurds who are being among the syrians were killed on the basis of their regional and secretary and identity among them they're saying a lot of women children and the elderly in this statement the kurds are saying that these practices are fully alike with ethnic cleansing and genocide and of course they're accusing the cell a few groups and they believe in groups such as the only loser front operating in this region that russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has urged the international community to come together and solve the situation in syria according to various reports at least four hundred fifty people have been killed by the on the front in
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north eastern syria reports say that at least one hundred twenty of those are children in response to our t's official requests to the united nations security services saying that they are investigating the matter on the ground there are people working there right now and of course they're extremely concerned with this matter because should these allegations in fact find any evidence of actually being true these will amount to war crimes that they sound it cannot be independently verified due to the chaos that is happening in northeastern syria right now we have also spoken to people whose relatives were in these northeastern part of syria for talking about men being killed and women and children and the elderly being taken hostage at least two hundred people have been taken hostage by the fighters of al qaeda affiliated groups who are saying that as soon as they are done is over and that is right now they are starting to work on these double shipment of the al qaeda state in the region. has been escalating in syria with kurdish fighters
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forced to stand their ground against militants pressing for greater control of the country's north with conflicting reports from a few specific information hard to verify. help us put together a. conflict of the timeline according to him islamic extremists launched their assault on the nineteenth of july tried to plant a bomb in a kurdish school and kidnapping local civilians as well is the time of planning now the next day many houses across the kurdish own clothes were blown up one village destroyed completely in around five hundred kurds were kidnapped meanwhile a radical cleric then declared from a local mosque that those killing kurdish civilians would be rewarded in heaven and also encouraged people to loot and destroy kurdish homes violence continued into early august we think with seventy kurds murdered and three hundred fifty ducted by al-qaeda linked fighters well earlier we had opposing views on what's now happening
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in the north of syria. there you will see. it is this what we consider any fight is allied with the free syrian army to be part of our troops concerning the if you take an unacceptable position or make serious mistakes those people will be punished with their extract lists liberals will fight is of the free syrian army yes mistakes have been made we have contacted our kurdish brothers seeking reassurance that these things will not happen again but no one responded because have troops who are willing to cooperate with the regime to gain what ptolemy in the north but overall we do support the kurdish people every day are they are. it's clear that the director is seeking to avoid condemning the violence against hundreds of kurds and the ongoing expulsion of our people from their own lands these crimes have been registered officially and the materials have been passed on to the e.u. those who say the al nasra front are fighting a just war against the syrian regime are keeping silent when elements are militants
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banish kurds from their lands and carry out ethnic cleansing the free syrian army don't talk about these attacks we don't know which groups are part of the f.s.a. and which aren't they are taking a very dangerous approach how can anyone justify the atrocities that happened in the kurdish settlements that had been guards a lecture from the american university of washington to washington d.c. he says a response from the e.u. is vital now to avoid the violence spilling over even further. are some voices within the international community who are raising the alarm about what's going on there they are trying to get the united nations security council to take a stand i think that would be significant and i think it's important to have an investigation to find out really what has happened and then also stop close any kind of ethnic tax or my surprise there is especially as
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a situation could be easily deteriorate you could see kurdish out up fighting also in this area and you could see this conflict spilling into the other side and turkey kurdish turks might start pouring also across the border throughout their compatriots staying with syria while the bomber ministration remains undecided on whether or not send weapons to the rebels the cia's second in command has warned that the spread of extremism in the country is posing an even greater threat to u.s. national security deputy director michael morell says that if the assad government collapses with its massive chemical arsenal the country could become a haven for al qaeda terrorists they also claim that given the constant inflow of arms syria could turn into the next libya but the potential for conflict to spill over into jordan lebanon and iraq freeman's editor of the executive intelligence review he says the warnings long overdue here. if we get more involved in this war this is a major national security danger to the united states and to large portions of the
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world and that the obama administration which has been behind supporting. al qaeda related groups is actually pursuing a very dangerous disrupt the policy so these statements today are welcome and we should reverse our policy immediately and not pursue arming the rebels and pursue the overthrow of the president bashir assad. in other news tonight america's are willing to build relations with russia on an equal footing so the kremlin reacted to barack obama canceling his meeting with president vladimir putin the u.s. says it's got little to discuss with russia right now on such a high level after moscow granted asylum to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden for more on this is our correspondent lizzie fronts. washington had stated that it would react negatively if edward snowden were given asylum by russia and this counseling at the meeting between the two leaders seems
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to be a product of that the white house cites a lack of recent progress in a bilateral agenda it's president obama himself who gives a very interesting explanation of the relationship between the two countries at this point there's still a lot of business that we can do with them but there's been times where they slip back in the cold war thank you and a cold war mentality the kremlin feels that washington is not interested in a partnership on equal footing in fact it came as a surprise to many russians when edward snowden knocked on their door. you know i'm not sure but if we didn't invite edward snowden in russia was in his final destination anyway he was in transit but as soon as he began his journey is route was revealed and our u.s. partners effectively blocked him from taking any further flights they even made other countries afraid of taking him in following that global manhunt that had the united states pressuring many countries to get edward snowden back on his home soil
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it's worth pointing out something with regard to the extradition treaty that does not exist between russia and the united states it's something russia has pushed for many times but it has been denied furthermore russia has also requested extradition or even a return of its citizens who are on domestic and international wanted lists for in some cases terrorist acts those requests were denied numerous times so as this situation with edward snowden has evolved it's definitely taken attention away from what's known in did and put more of an emphasis on the complicated dynamic between these two countries something that we will watch on fault at the g twenty summit. we'll be covering it geopolitical says russia in the u.s. so far more important issues to try to find common ground on the most noted story right now. they have four greater issues to deal with i think that what is really
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on the table is the question of syria it is the question of so-called missile defense as it is termed in the united states these issues these strategic and geo political issues are of great importance the snowden saga i think really takes a backseat where snowden and this entire story comes in is on the broader diplomatic level for public consumption but behind closed doors i think these diplomats will continue doing what it is that they do and that is discussing these issues and hopefully coming to some kind of a resolution though using my example of syria i'm not so hopeful. while the snowden case is forcing the white house into mentioning the cold war the whistleblowers fathers come up with some fresh comments he hopes that the move by the u.s. will distract the public from the massive spy programs that are some revealed in the first place check out the rest of what long snowden had to say than in this statement we've got it out so you don't come a web site coming up here after the break the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi hit by a storm of calls to boycott the games but the reason nothing to do with the sport
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the big discussion about the life of just a couple minutes from now we just play with it. i heard you saying that you believe that all environmentalist want is to shut down the last and i wonder who do you believe are the masterminds of these global communist conspiracy it is very clear that when the. the extreme communist or marxist factions had to find somewhere else to get to do the damage to the west they want to do and they found that the environment.
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science technology innovation the least developed minced from around russia we've got the future covered. this is. my colleagues and i will never shake mr saakashvili as hans i consider him a war criminal.
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i would rather ask questions of people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. missions three credit patients three in-store charges three amazement three risk free studio time priests. mostly broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media. tom. police
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. interview. a. good.
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if you. or. elegance is r t is kevin with you know just quarter past nine moscow time the olympic flame is set to light up sochi in six months but as the final touches are
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being added to the venues calls to boycott the winter olympics are growing louder in some european countries and across the atlantic to the recent it was sport though but rather over a ban on homosexual propaganda to minors recently adopted by russian lawmakers are some really strong views on this we invited a panel of guests for a broad discussion of the matter is this a now he is with me in the studio and my guess if you will watch this you'll be very familiar with her we've also got to meet three babbitt should be political analysts from the voice of russia good evening to you said very pleased as well that we've got. alexiev with us as well he's a gay activist he's also ahead of moscow pride he is live in geneva and we've got ben arris quickly from the vogue group think tank a conservative think tank who joins us from london guys thank you all for being with us we do appreciate your time and input of next couple of minutes i'd like to come to you first of all though to me trey i mean that you have a basic question here we're seeing more of all calls here for from gay rights activists and a number of others as well the gay. we should be boycotted is that justified in your view well i think it's not justified please understand me correctly i am for
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gay rights i think fighting for human rights and for gay rights is important but we shouldn't confuse fight for gay rights and a political campaign. let me just remind you these small was adopted on the web and for june this year two months ago and for the whole month and a half there was no connection between this law and the olympic games meet why because just nobody even thought about it you know the author sort of this war didn't paralympic games in their mind in any way and then you know this was criticized in the western press and then there are liberal there was no linkage with united states and then suddenly a sea of some kind of an order was given in the end of july all newspapers all television stations in the west started to cover the future and he gave all the in that context so to my way this is a complaint and a complaint has nothing to do with it if you were there it is a gaze but of course
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a lot of people of broad is seeing it as the touchpaper maybe the straw that broke the camel's back if you like nobody gets arguing that the actual law itself you know took the mind as a bring them up properly but it's the broader picture when they see pictures of. gay rights activists being big in the streets the police not seemingly coming in or maybe a private director but you have a problem drive them here though is misinformation and yes there are problems in russia yes there are hate crimes in russia there are not only against gays by the way that's a whole nother issue but the misinformation that b. is being portrayed in the western media and the levels that it's going to here i think are really blowing this out of proportion to an all or nothing or level for the olympics and the athletes who are going to suffer if this does go through if this campaign were as not exactly true because a lot of people fear that when gay athletes come before you they're going to be arrested that's not true there are several. clubs operating in sochi and.
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it has been decriminalized in russia yes there is a lot of prejudice yes there is a lot of wild ones from private individuals again let me just really just. get to said head of moscow pride here in geneva. i hope you can hear me kevin speaking to you here i'm sure you've heard what's just been said there and i'm sure you've got some here it only goes well. ok probably for the next hundred years here in moscow. there's discussion that everything is fine in russia and yes there are some violations we were these violations against everyone i absolutely don't agree with the it's because russian authorities are banning what's called pride since two thousand and six it has been banned for eight years and there is a clear european court decision which says that it's contradictory to the european convention there is a clear decision in these gay propaganda laws against the regional law in the
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resign and the un human rights commission said that it's contradictory to the russian international of the geishas and steal the russian foreign office is continuing to say that we are abiding by the international obligations and that everything is fine there is no such notions as sexual orientation and gender identity in the international human rights. case and this is absolutely not true one target the olympic games to get your message across why target the olympic games is that the right of india unlike appreciate you must feel frustrated maybe a put. calling for a boycott of the olympic surely is the way forward is it. well i'm just personally not against the book called that of the olympic games just because a one reason because it's absolutely technically not possible to realize this court because it's not possible to transfer it somewhere else because the only people who will suffer because of this because it is the sportsman who are participating in these in these competitions that's why i'm against but i am also it gives all the homophobia and the huge pockets of the russian state and that's what i'm doing we
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are fighting forty years since two thousand and five and we think that the most the best solution in this in this case is to go and protest during the olympic games to go to do the gay pride during the olympic games in sochi so that all the sportsman going to wear their rainbow pins rainbow attributes whatever they can talk against during the press conferences that the journalists and the media reports about what's going on in russia during the olympic games i think it will have a much bigger effect then just to go into a book called the olympic games i think this is more practical but there are people alexei hi it's nice to hear there are people like stephen fry who we've seen recently calling writing these open letters and clearly again we talked about this over the weekend with you painting a very very different picture that's putting it lightly he compares it to hitler and the nazis i mean really what do you say to the gay community around the world
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as someone who is russian and knows that that is not the case i think the law banning homosexual propaganda to minors which was passed by the russian parliament became sort of a symbol of the fight against oppression and your argument is not with. your argument with. well this war became the symbol of the fight against oppression in russia and against the oppression of the people in russia in the last eight years since we started this movement in two thousand and five and i think that stephen fry without knowing all the details of course of the situation in russia is having his right to compare it with would watch what he wants and i think that everyone knows everyone knows the story of. nazi germany first of all they came after socialist after that they came after trade unions after that they came after jews and after that they came after me so you were exactly where the world held so little i have certain parts and i can tell you that i just want to
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bring in belarus quickly from the poster of a conservative think tank in london when talking about stephen fry the well known celebrity and write the letter he wrote to the international olympic committee when i respond do you think this is the olympics the right place to get the message across or or no. the i mean first of all we could remember that the united kingdom had something called section twenty eight in place until two thousand and three which was almost exactly the same as the recent law passed in russia which said that homosexuality should not be promoted in schools or to mine is. so to compare this to nazi germany i think is slightly hysterical. but i think in general when you approach international sporting events. you either do so in the acknowledgement of the countries have a different approach or unfortunately i don't think you can you can take heart great britain of course took part in the two thousand and eight olympics in beijing
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where i think some people in britain might say that there's a question will human rights record in china we also plan to take part in the upcoming world cup in qatar or you know the qataris have agree different view i think of. what is appropriate in society than we do and it's perfectly appropriate to go to those countries to have a respectful difference i think on those issues where there is an issue i think is if there's any thought that there might be danger to british citizens either as athletes or or spectators in travelling to these venues but i've seen no indication that there will be and indeed nicol i was just saying that there are two gay clubs in the no athletes would would be unduly treated in those spectators would be under the trees and so i think as long as that's not a concern and what the russian government decides to do in terms of its domestic policies is frankly not really a business this really would be the first time that
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a boycott would be suggested in terms of domestic policy not in terms of international like or foreign policy and i think that it could be an argument could be made that if it wasn't this law it would be something else. at the first it was there was the cause of the the ecology of the land and so two years not be built on for the olympics then it was the syria intervention that russia's foreign policy about syria not intervening and now it's this it could very well be something else by the time we get to the olympics course international olympic committee in its charter is saying the mission of the into the committee is to oppose any political or commercial use of sport fleets so there firmly against this boycott let's just go back to. the. legacy of in geneva i mean that as time goes on here are you any more hopeful that your message is going to get across to you think you've got more of the public behind you here. i think the message will
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get across and they think that the russian authorities are just demonstrating that they have no unified position on their little big games and how to deal with these protests against gay propaganda law i think this situation will continue up to the opening of the olympic games i think we still have to see a lot of comments from the russian officials and the protests from the international organizations unified position when there are you see will be only done by the time or is there no unified present you know and i do what i want to not really only because there has been an announcement from the international olympic committee that boycotting sochi in twenty fourteen would only serve to deprive the country's athletes from fulfilling their dreams of competing at the olympic games something they have dedicated a great portion of their lives to accomplish history has shown that boycotts do not solve anything but simply punish olympic athletes which essentially is what you call i said when you go into such a pity we got to wrap it here to get to our show unless we do appreciate all your
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input. could be there from a group in london thank you go we appreciate it. thank you. notes on next with part of programs continue right after the break stay with. everyone respects a promise written in stone promises written on the internet well they're a bit more flexible and a lot easier to erase obama made a lot of promises as a candidate on his site change dot gov including some about protecting whistleblowers and obama said that we need to empower federal employees as watchdogs and that he would strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste fraud and abuse of authority and government but strangely and possibly coincidentally two days after the first revelation of government
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spying by stoughton these promises of the change dot gov site were taken down if this is not just some odd coincidence and they consciously chose to hide obama's campaign promises then this is political cowardice at its worst and what is even worse is that they didn't think that this would get exposed almost immediately if you try to conduct some sort of medieval book burning to distort information on the internet then you are only going to get burnt yourself but that's just my opinion. but with economic ups and downs in the final months day on the deal sank i and the rest because i think we need to be a prickly. hello
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and welcome to worlds apart it's hard to find a field of science that is more prone to conspiracy theories and name calling than climate change if you don't it's human origin your cold if you nihilist if you embrace it your and alarmist on both counts suspected child are often the fairest motives thus all these fuming and driving have any practical value to discuss that i'm now joined by lord christopher monckton a prominent climate change skeptic lord monckton thank you very much for your time now as far as i understand you don't actually dispute climate change what you are skeptical of in is d. is the cause of it and whether or not it is man.


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